The Beginning is the Best Place to Start.

Like many others I came to the realisation that I have no idea what I want to do for a job. So I decided for the time being; why not write?

What shall I write about? A question that has rung the ears of many authors, bloggers or youtubers, I’m sure, but a conundrum nonetheless. Most have advised that I should write about something you are either passionate about or good at (preferably both).

For me there are only a few things I’m passionate about in my life and one of them is films.


I love films.

A good film, like any good song or book can make you laugh, cry and love or take you far aware from this world and make you believe in the impossible.

But with any piece of art everyone sees something different and experiences something unique…

…and so I thought I should share some reviews, thoughts and favourites from the world of films and let you see what I see…


#films #personal

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